SONATA ARCTICA, Finnish power metal group

Sonata Arctica heavy metal


SONATA ARCTICA, Finnish power metal group presents the lyric video for the song

"We Are What We Are". This song is from the album "The Ninth Hour" which was released on October 7, 2016.


The Ninth Hour

1. "Closer to an Animal"
2. "Life"
3. "Fairytale"
4. "We Are What We Are"
5. "Till Death's Done Us Apart"
6. "Among the Shooting Stars"
7. "Rise a Night"
8. "Fly, Navigate, Communicate"
9. "Candle Lawns"
10. "White Pearl, Black Oceans - Part II, 'By the Grace of the Ocean'"
11. "On the Faultline (Closure to an Animal)"
Tony Kakko - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Elias Viljanen - Guitars
Pasi Kauppinen - Bass guitar
Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards
Tommy Portimo - Drums