JUDAS PRIEST, the group considered a precursor of heavy metal

Rob Halford


Legends of the metal, JUDAS PRIEST, the group considered a precursor of heavy metal

JUDAS PRIEST, the British band was founded in 1969 in Birmingham. The group belonged to the big three of heavy metal, BLACK SABBATH (the beginnings of doom metal), IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. The voice of Rob Halford distinguished this band and is recognizable and unique among others. Most of the bands we recognize the voice of the singer, differently in the case of JUDAS PRIEST, we can listen to the fragment without a vocalist, to say that this JUDAS.


JUDAS PRIEST is one of the first bands, wherein played the two guitarists. Today it is normal. At a time when was created speed metal, a problem arose when the one guitarist played guitar solo, he could not play at the same time riff. The song lost its dynamics and sound. They needed a second guitarist, who at the time when the one playing solo, the second guitarist played riff. Thus then in the track the band consistently has maintained sound with riff in whole song.


JUDAS PRIEST is one of my favorite bands. In the days when we were in our country with limited access to music, were the people who brought albums from abroad and thus the music fans could listen to what was not available in the media. One of the first albums that I had the opportunity to listen to the album of JUDAS, British Steel. Of course, we had a photo collection of the teams, also JUDAS PRIEST.


 Judas Priest

British Steel for me was as glare of the sound, I believe that no one has such sounds as they are. 

JUDAS PRIEST has 17 albums released so far and it looks like some the end of era, with the completion of the activities of the team, I hope that JUDAS PRIEST will be play a long and that this day is not too close..