In this example we can see a change of rhythm

Lessons and compositions contain a lot of theoretical material. Let's focus on individual elements.

Many guitarists trying to compose songs commits many mistakes and does not see in their material some shortcoming. piece can't be boring, don't forget about it. When we build Riff, repeating it we make it boring, but changing the tip last the notes, extending or shortening the length (in the way minimal), or by inserting an extra pause .. this fragment we create more interesting. In this example we can see a change of rhythm in the song, variations of the same parts of a song, change the dynamics, so the most important things in building the song.


Victor Smolski 

Victor Smolski (b. February 1, 1969 in Minsk), Belarusian composer and guitarist. He graduated of the elementary school of music on the cello. Known for his performances in the heavy metal band RAGE, and currently playing in the group LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA



This piece played Victor Smolski for ENGL amps