What is the sign shown by metalheads ?

Mano Cornuta


This sign is not a representation of evil, the sign comes from the old days when people

believed in the Horned God. It is a form of greeting, to provide additional life force, vital force for a person to which it is shown.


The misunderstanding comes from a texts in the songs, in the texts we can find an evil, the devil. The present the sign shown by Metalheads is called Mano Cornuta and is a symbol of positive characteristics, because the Horned God was the representative of good features.


In pagan times this sign was shown to the sick, in order to speed up their return to health and full strength. So attributing that the sign has content associated with the evil is false.


The Mano Cornuta was passed down from generation to generation, father to son, etc. and therefore the sign has survived so many years. This sign propagated was by Ronnie James Dio in the 70's. Ronnie said that the sign had shown him his grandmother. 


The sign should be showed in a way that fingers are set upward, never vice versa. 

Today showing the sign has become commonplace, but a lot of people do not know what this sign means.