MESA, the Subway Ultra-Lite 1x15 bass cab and 2x10

Warwick bass


MESA shows to compare the Subway Ultra-Lite 1x15 bass cab with the Ultra-Lite Diagonal 2x10

for bass guitar.



the manufacturer's description 

"The Subway Ultra-Lite 1x15 provides wide, thick bass punch with classic midrange cut and bite while the top end of the remains smooth with balanced brightness and clarity. The 2x10 offers a responsive, bouncing bass punch that also stays tight and fast. The signature mid scoop of 2x10 cabinets is clearly heard when compared to a mid-heavy cab like the 1x15 yet, the perceived mid-scoop works wonders for certain styles, players and bassists who set and define their tone by that signature 2x10 sound. Fast attack, tight punch and crisp high end detail are all signatures of the Subway Ultralite 2x10 cabinet. Recorded with both J-Bass bridge and P-Bass pickups of a Fender P-Bass Special with Bartolini Pickups. Recorded with the D800+ head into Subway Ultra-Lite 2x10 and 1x15 cabinets via Beyer Dynamic Opus 99 (2x10) and a Beyer Dynamic M99 (1x15). Mixed with 20% stereo room mic for the last playing section."