MEKONG DELTA, technical thrash metal from Germany

Mekong Delta


MEKONG DELTA is a German technical thrash and the thrash metal group which was formed

in 1985. From the beginning, the band shows a fascination with classical music. The way playing the musicians reminds us that the group introduces us to the world of classic themes in music.


The team plays with great perfection and feeling. This is one of the best groups in this genre. Popularity of MEKONG DELTA it owes only a great music which was recorded. One official video, little material on the Internet and interviews. Only albums. Music on these albums is really interesting and worthy of attention. 
A rule a good band makes a good music here works. 

Martin LeMar - Vocals (2008-present)

Ralph Hubert - Bass (1985-present)

Erik Adam H. Grösch - Guitars (2008-present)

Alex Landenburg - Drums



Mekong Delta (1986)
The Music of Erich Zann (1988)
The Principle of Doubt (1989)
Dances of Death (and Other Walking Shadows) (1990)
Kaleidoscope (1992)
Visions Fugitives (1994)
Pictures at an Exhibition (1996)
Lurking Fear (2007)
Wanderer on the Edge of Time (2010)
Intersections (2012)
In a Mirror Darkly (2014)  

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