The School of composing

Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

Playing the guitar in the style legato, playing technique


Playing the guitar in the style legato

Playing the sound in the legato style is the opposite of a playing staccato. The sound fades away and goes to the next sound. In staccato technique was the need to suppress the sound before playing the next.


Most guitarists uses this technique to play solo.


Playing legato is easier and therefore often used. However, the attractiveness of your playing, you need to use different techniques. In the time legato playing important is adequate accents on the important parts of tact, which is marking metrics of tact. Playing without accents will be the merging of all the sounds and little clarity of the track. 


The way to small accent may be different, the sound can be extended but as to fit to the beat of tact. 


In a series of sounds, the one will be longer, what distinguish it from others. But techniques of accents is more and about I will write a separates chapter. Playing legato you can use for your fingers to get read to playing the guitar. It is important that before you start playing. After this exercise, your fingers can play more, faster, etc.

Specialist for playing Legato is Yngwie Malmsteen, guitarist and composer. 



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