Tube amplifiers, transistor amplifiers and hybrids


Tube amplifiers, transistors and hybrids

Whether is possible to obtain a sound of tube from the transistor devices ?

No, this is not possible, in terms of the fulfillment of few conditions eg. transmision the even harmonics of the sound, dynamics of the sound and the way of distortion the so-called overdrive. There is no the semiconductor devices, in which would have met all these conditions together.


Way of working tube amp is impossible to use in imitation of tube sound like semiconductor devices.


The hybrid amplifier

Tube amplifiers achieve their sound between the preamp and power amp, so use only the preamp tube does not guarantee good sound. In hybrids, a combination of transistor circuits and tube. There are not good systems, the sound does not differ greatly from transistor amplifiers. 


The amplifier with transistors

The transistor amplifier is constructed from semiconductor elements. Sonically it is much worse unit of tube amplifiers, but it has one advantage. It has the same sound at different volume levels and you can use it to practice at home. 


The tube amplifier 

The tube amplifier is constructed with electron tubes which require a high anode voltage. That is why it is important to proper grounding of the amplifier. This type of design can not be turned on without a load, or speakers, since this could damage the amplifier. Good sound is obtained only with proper gain settings of the power amplifier, and thus at high volume levels. 


When switching off the amp and the need for eg. preamp lamp replacement is necessary after pulling the power plug from the power outlet, short-circuit for ends of the power plug to discharge the capacitors in the power supply. 


When replacing the power lamps is necessary to set BIAS, amplifiers of Mesa with using lamps, packed by this company, there is no need this set, because Mesa has automatic to set BIAS. 


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