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Influence of wood for sound the guitar


Electric guitar is made of neck and screwed or glued body. There are three methods

of connecting the body of the guitar neck.

Older guitars and cheaper models have screwed the necks to the body. There are models of guitars that have glued the neck to the guitar body. The third method is called Set-thru neck, neck of the guitar is a part of the body and goes through the whole body.

The whole thing concerns the transmission of vibrations between the body and the neck guitar. So the transfer of these vibrations is through the connecting place the body and the neck.

Therefore, the method of connecting is affected to the amount of transmitted vibration. It will be mainly to increase sustain of sound from guitar and lowering the resonant frequency of the whole structure and portability of lower frequencies. 

In addition to the method connect the neck guitar, the sound is influenced by the type of wood used. 


We know that is the influence of wood on guitar sound but how big? 


If we will use to build guitars particular type of wood we will achieve some result of the sound. If you use in the body some of the wood with a large density we will get more the sustain. To obtain a warmer sound we will use soft wood. Faster attack sound is when we used a lower body weight.


Each piece of wood has its own sound. When we knock a finger on this piece we will hear a specific tone. This means that this piece of wood used in the guitar will strengthen this sound. This sound corresponds to the resonant frequency of the piece. But not all the pieces of wood give a clear sound. If in time the knock on wood we does not hear well-sounding audio, such a piece of wood can not be used in the guitar, because it does not transfer vibrations. Knocking on wood is a popular way to check the suitability of wood for the construction of guitars and used by luthiers. There are devices that can read the frequency of the piece of wood.


The frequency band amplified by the body must be balanced, so you have to choose such way the wood to achieve this. 

Guitar body is not an ornament but the acoustic element, which can change the tone of your guitar. So not only pickups, strings, but the type of wood used and method of construction of the body affects the sound of the instrument. 


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