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Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

The pickups of active or passive what better?


Choosing the right pickups is a big problem for the beginner guitarist.

What guided with the selection? Around a lot of different opinions, use it, or use those.


Passive pickups are pickups containing the magnet and coil windings, which is connected to the socket of the guitar. Number of windings is large, so that the output impedance of the pickups is large. The output signal is large. The influence of wood for the sound of guitar with passive pickups is the largest.  

Active pickups has a small number of windings, a low output impedance and a low output signal.

For strengthen the signal is used preamplifier a built-in inside the pickup, which increases the output signal to the value required. With this construction, the active pickups are less susceptible to interference in the audio track. The signal from the transducer of active is compressed, less visible is attack hear in the sound. Because the active pickups are small signal, the vibration of body guitars are not heard in the sound, therefore that their level is below the noise level.

So the influence of wood of guitar with active pickups is therefore negligible.


There is the another solution used with construction the guitars, so called active electronics. This way with passive pickups and preamp installed in the guitar. This way is used inter alia in the guitar Jackson DKMG. This way gives little, because with the strengthening is the noise increases. 


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