The Cables, which cable you can to choose in this jungle

The Cables, which cable you can to choose in this jungle

Differences of cables, the cables distinguish between symmetrical and asymmetrical.


The difference is in the number of wires in the cable. In the cable unbalanced we see wire and the screen. Symmetrical cable has two wires and a screen. The cable of guitar is the cable unbalanced. It is more prone to distortion due to external sources of magnetic fields. The symmetrical cable is made by the use of two cores and the screen, a signal is transmitted a normal in the one wire, and in the second wire for phase shifted by 180 degrees, on the input of amplifier is amplifies the difference between a signal in one wire and second. Any distortion affect on the two leads terms of the screen simultaneously. For this reason the amplifier does not strengthen these distortions. Symmetrical cables should be used when you need for a greater length of cable, because then is the greater the possibility of distortion. 


Balanced cables are used in the connections of mixing console or other devices in the studio. Connectors used in symmetrical cables is a cinch, jack mono, and in unbalanced cables, it a jack stereo and XLR.


Symmetrical cables can only be used when the devices have the interfaces for connections of symmetric 

To use unbalanced sources to the unit symmetrical, you can use DI-box. The main task of this device is the symmetrization of the signal, and galvanic separation of input and output.



Balanced cable from Klotz

Klotz, one of the best companies, which manufactures cables for guitars 




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