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Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

Our fascination with the sound of tube amplifiers

Our fascination with the sound of tube amplifiers

Beginner guitarist is proud of his guitar. Often it is the instrument, which he pointed out that it is used by his music guru.


The same thing happens at the time of purchase of the amplifier. It's the easiest way, you should only remember the model. Of course, any advanced musician will tell you that you should not buy signed models. Who will there to listen to this? Advertising is very important for the sale of each product. Example, If I produced a guitar amplifier, this the amplifier would buy a few people. If this amp would be touted by well-known musician, I would sell a lot more. Unfortunately, the price would be higher. The musician does not advertise for free, and I have to pay him. The costs are borne by a new user who buys. In my opinion you should buy an amplifier with universal sound. Such where you can set a different sound.  

Too much time we use to wondering which the amplifier is good, which the guitar, and what should not use. At the beginning learn to play. Meet your instrument, try explore your amplifier and sound features, then you will be looking for your sound.


Remember, until you do not find yourself in the music, your own way, .. you will only hundredth guitarist who imitates someone. 



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