We are building a cabin of recording for vocals, part 2

Often we are planning to record in a cabin room with no large dimensions.

In these areas it is difficult to maintain the aspect ratio of the frequency band during the recording.


Part 2

By using such panels we are trying to hinder the reflection of the acoustic wave. We can not suppress part of the band, leaving the rest. This recording will have disproportionate bandwidth, and a lot of the reflected wave with medium frequency. Each panel that is made of soft material attenuates high frequencies. Recorded our tracks with additional reverb from cabin is impossible to improving and adding another in studio is pointless. People have different ideas of sound-absorbing material in the studio. The use of bedding or pillows for a good recording is simply ridiculous. Remember, limiting bandwidth for the frequency by suppressing a range of bandwidth causes that the reflected wave is more active and has a more impact on the main signal, ie on our records made in the studio.

Each room is different and requires an adjustment settings screens. You should perform a test recording at different settings and check the quality of the recording. Sometimes small changes make a big improvement. 

 Nobody gives a perfect solution for your room. Do not be afraid to experiment. Many companies offer big screens for use in the studio. They cost a lot of money, and their usefulness is none. When you visit a professional mastering or recording studio, you'll see that there is no such screens.


Showing a professional presentations such panels causes that people are confident about the splendor of these solutions. The best way to find out is to see a large professional studios, and see type of the screens that are use. As there is solved the problem of reflected waves, and how there are set screens. These are solutions with a large budget, and there are no problems with the purchase of any item or device.  

Whether we are able to absorb a wave of low frequency? Yes, but you need a panel with a thickness of several meters.

Then the energy of this wave turns into heat.

We in our solutions, we strive to maintain a low-frequency wave away from the zone of listening or recording. 

This is our main target in building the cabin to recording, or control room to listening to the recordings.


Bass Trap




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