We are building a cabin of recording for vocals

We are building a cabin of recording. To register vocals need a properly matched

in terms of acoustics of room. The vocals have a frequency range from 100Hz to 1kHz.


 Part 1

How, then, to build a cabin for this frequency range. First, we need to acoustically isolate the cabin from the outside environment. For this you need a thick mineral wool insulation placed in the wall of the cabin. But I will not be doing it, because I assume that in the next room is not working some the construction machinery or similar. The more important task is to prepare the room in terms of sound, so that you can be there to record vocals and be satisfied with the outcome of the recording. The problem is the size of such rooms. It is usually a small room. Acoustic wave in such small spaces is reflected in a manner that is difficult to master. Setting the position for the singer is not easy and requires a lot of patience. If the whole room is bonding with the foam, then a recording of the cabin will be unreadable in the medium tones. My suggestion is to install before and above the singer, multi-level screens for medium and low frequency. These panels similar to those presented for the control room for the low frequencies. Board made of a wood-holes, but having a hole diameter of approx. 5 cm, the distance between the holes should be about 1cm. Two such panels placed in front of the singer at a distance from the microphone approx 30 cm and another at a distance of about 20cm from the first panel. Above the singer put the same panel at a distance of about 30cm from the head singer. This solution results in limited access medium wave frequency and low reflected from the walls of the room to their return to the microphone.

Remember the corners of the room for cover them for help the screens such as in the listening room 



Note the set of holes in the panel. Behind the singer you can install a Diffuser panel, made of a hard material.

Why such a solution ? 


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