How to check if our room is suitable for listening ?

When we have ready room to listening to music, you think of a more accurate balancing

the band of sound. This can be done by equalizers and frequency filters.

You do not have to use generators or professional equipment to see if the room is no possibility to even transmit the entire frequency band. 

To a control monitors, which are properly aligned and connected we will connect filtr or frequency equalizer in the path of the listening for both channels. If we use the monitors of active, usually they are connected to the mixing console. All filters in the console you should set to 0, that console was not affected for a signal. The socket insert for the tracks listening we turn on the equalizer. To one of the inputs is connected CD with the original album of some band. The album, which is properly recorded in a professional studio. Would well, that the music contained ( if possibilities ) the large band of frequency. When you turn, we try to balance the frequency of our listening and by adjusting the level of each frequency we lead to a situation where recording is correct. You need check the setting knobs on the filter at every song. We turn on an another album and compare the setting of filters to correct listening to this album.

We should find a setting that every album will sound good in terms of frequency band and use these setting to work with our songs. These settings adjust our room so they must be used in all work when listening in this room.

Filters It should be used in moderation to cut specific frequencies since the filters tend to strengthen the neighboring frequences. If you can not set the filters to obtain the correct listening to albums that were recorded in a professional studio, it means that our room is not suitable for work with sound and his adaptation is a bad.


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