The School of composing

Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

How to create your own unique Riff ?

How to create your own unique Riff? Riff is a group of chords with the possible fragments

of individual sounds that make up a whole musical phrase.


Your own unique Riff, part 1


Remember that learning songs recorded by other artists causes in way subconsciously that you use their techniques and their way of the playing in each song. 


At the beginning, let us consider whether the piece should be fast or slow, or us define tempo. This can be done using a metronome. When turned on, and set the correct pace, let's get to work. In our example we will use as the main sound, A. This is the sound of the open string A2. So what next? I wish that our Riff was attractive to a potential listener. Instead of at the beginning of a chord, we'll play some sounds and chord, then shred on the open A, and again chord with the transition to another chord, and shred on the A, then some sounds and chord. We are creating in this way a base for our Riff. Why? Because it is a raw piece that you need to refine. We will call it the original riff, because over time we will modify it until we get a good result. We play this passage many times, wondering what you can change to our Riff was better.


The degree of difficulty should be enough that you 'do not have the possibility to play this passage, at once, right away.


OK, we have our own original RIFF, and now we begin to work on the more attractive our Riff. Add a chord, maybe a few sounds. In this way, we create a whole musical phrase. If the phrase is repeated many times in the song, it is important to play it every time in a different way. How ? By introducing some changes to the repeated passage. Eg. Converting two notes to the one that takes the value of the two. You can also use appoggiatura, or a sound of feigned. There are many options. 

Why is this important? 

Do you know how to recognize a drum machine in the recording? 

Drum machine gives the same sound every time a track is the same sound, the same length of, the same attack. Drummer playing in a different way, every sound is different, depending on the method hit a drum, the setting of hand, etc .. The drummer can not hit the same two sounds. Therefore, when playing drummer is more natural than when playing the machine.



In the next episode I will discuss the practical composing the Riff with the examples