The School of composing

Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

The School of composing, the song construction

I'm surprised how many guitar players lose time to study the existing pieces.

For beginners this is understandable because they have no knowledge on the subject.


Musicians who play a couple of years should try their hand at composing their own songs. I will try to present in subsequent episodes the method of composing music tracks. In order to create a good work it takes time, in which we listen to our piece and try to correct errors and make changes. To verify our records is needed repeated listening this song, or fragment.


If you have a moment when you do not know what sounds should be next, go away from the guitar, try again after some time.


Now we will discuss the construction of songs. Parts of the track will called with letters.

Understanding the construction of the song will allow us to compose own pieces. 


The construction of songs, Part 1


1. ABA




Each letter represents a fragment of the song. Note that the letter A is repeated in the song. 


Let's see how it works, The song 'Season Of The Witch' was divided into parts.. 


GRAVE DIGGER - 'Season Of The Witch'




A - (0-1:06), B - (1:06-1:54), A - (1:54-2:27), C - (2:27-2:51), A - (2:51-3:15), D - (3:15-3:48), A - (3:48-4:59); 


The track comes from the album 'Return Of The Reaper', recorded by the group GRAVE DIGGER



The first part is called A, an introduction, a part for preparing the listener for refrain. For what ? All of Part A are refrains, but the first part is a form of preparing the listener with sounds of the refrain and when will be next part A, the listener will be able to predict what will be there the melody. The first A, it can be a whole refrain or just part of it. 

Forms of songs that I have presented, or ABA, ABACA, ABACADA is the most common possibility of building a song, but the construction of the type ABA is the original form and today is no longer used. A more complicated structure is Sonata and Symphony. These forms of songs are composed of four parts, the different parts, which shows a common theme music, or a melody. The problem is that these parts have a different rhythm. But I will write about this in a subsequent parts.



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