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I meet with the theses, the wood does not affect

When reading the forums on the guitar, I meet with the theses, the wood does not affect

the sound of the guitar. The human ear is not a perfect body and different people hear in a different way. People see wood as a material that secures the bridge, fretboard like. If it is so then why not build guitars with oak. Durable material, sturdy on ambient conditions. There is one reason.

Oak does not react to vibrations.

The wood used in the guitar is matched in terms of their potential donation vibration. An example of use of wood for this purpose is a xylophone. This instrument was used bars of wood called rosewood. Name known? Yes, this type of wood, which apply in the construction of the guitar. When hit with a stick in the bar of a xylophone to hear the sound. Depending on the size of the piece of wood, the sound is different.


To build the guitars are used only a few types of wood. Because only they react to vibrations and respond to the sound frequencies of the guitar. If the piece of wood, rosewood may sound when hit with a stick, it can respond to the acoustic wave.


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