The School of composing

Each song should contain a recurring theme and should not be boring. It's two most important features

The accent in the playing fast melodic parts is difficult

The accent in the playing fast melodic parts is difficult. Especially by playing

louder on one note. It is possible to use other means for the accentuated some sounds.


Previously described a method in which sound is more prominent than others, use with sustain this sound for a little longer time. In a series of successive sounds of the same length, one of which is a longer holding time, and stand out from the others.


Remember to fit to the rhythm.


Another way is to play a sound to be accentuated is use as an harmonic, flageolet. You can also use the reverse pick of the dice. The sound will stand out also. An interesting way is to use the string to pull the finger of the left hand, if we have to play G, then set your finger on Fis and pull up to G. Other sounds we play normally, creating an interesting possibility to accentuate the sound G.


Accentuation on guitar (and not only) is it an important element that emphasizes the important parts in tact. It strengthens the rhythm of the song and causes that the piece is more interesting for the listener.


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